Fairy Cakes and a Tea Party

Gala day on Saturday and I baked fairy cakes in honour of
the occasion, we had a little retro style tea party in my front garden. We used
the beautiful cups and plates I had bought three years ago for £3 for the set .
CC was very pleased at
being asked to sample the delights before the tea party.

I originally used a recipe from ‘Homemade’ A fantastic book
by Elspeth Thompson and Ros Badger, however, I found the quantities too large
for small fairy cakes, telephoned my Mum to get the recipe I used to use as a
child and this worked beautifully.

Recipe For Old Fashioned Fairy Cakes ( makes about 12)

4oz Butter

4oz castor sugar

4 oz Self-raising Flour

2 Large Eggs

– Cream the butter and sugar together until soft and fluffy

– Whisk eggs well and gradually beat into the mixture, add a little
of the sieved flour if the mixture shows signs of curdling.

– Fold in the sieved flour

-The mixture should be soft and easy to scoop, if not add a tiny
amount of water.

– Put in paper cake cases and bake at 400 F for 12 minutes.

– When the cakes have cooled, cut a circle from the top of each
one, fill the cavity with jam and buttercream , cut the circle in half to make
the ‘wings’, then stick your wings into the buttercream.

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