Fairy Steps and Homemade Yoghurt

The riots in London and some of our cities has saddened and angered us both in equal measure. To escape the siren pull of the news, CC and I took advantage of the wonderful sunshine and went for a lovely walk around Fairy Steps. It is such a beautiful place with its ancient woodlands and stunning limestone scenery. On the domestic front we tried to make homemade yoghurt in a soup flask yesterday and failed miserably, just ended up with lumpy milk. I think the soup flask can’t maintain the constant 45 C temperature we need. Has anybody got any suggestions ?, I’m not thrilled about the idea of leaving my oven on for 24 hours!

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  1. Kirsten says:

    I use an Easiyo yoghurt maker, but just make the yoghurt from scratch rather than using their sachets. I have also heard of people wrapping their soup thermos up in an insulating blanket of some kind…


  2. Leonie says:

    I have made yoghurt successfully by placing a glass container with the would be yoghurt in an oven which had been pre-warmed to about 80C, switching it off after a few minutes and leaving the jar in the oven overnight. I was amazed to discover that the oven was still just warm – and the yoghurt set!


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