Scrumpy Pie and Autumn Pleasures

There’s nothing nicer when the nights draw in, and the days get colder, than a warm apple pie made with scrumped apples. The fragrance of the apples cooking in cinnamon feels cosy and autumnal, and sampling several pies has brought cheer to our home and a feeling of well-being.

With the trend for energy prices set to rise some 15% in the next few months, and the recent loss of one of our incomes, we’re relieved to be living in a house with only two exterior walls. It’s much less expensive to heat and stays warmer for longer, a huge bonus considering that the temperature plummeted to

some -20C last winter.

Long walks along our beach inevitably boost our spirits,but are also in intriguing source of occasional ‘treasure’. A favourite story of mine tells of a gentleman who would comb the beach every day to furnish his house, he had the philosophy that eventually everything he needed would arrive by the tide. Living by the sea we are witness every day to the bewildering array of items that are washed up on our shore. We soon realised the benefits of these free and random treasures when an unexpexted ‘find’ yielded a solution to a domestic problem.

In an attempt to maintain our typically British penchant for beer, CC, along with my father, has been brewing his own beer which we look forward to tasting it in early October. After collecting used beer bottles to sterilise and utilise we were left with a glass obstacle course in our garage, bottle crates were needed to establish some semblance of order and to enable me to be able to get my bicycle out. After placing adverts on freecycle, asking friends and accepting that we would probably have to buy a crate we were pleasantly surprised when a beach walk yielded a rather superior crate washed up from Liverpool. Problem solved! The colder and darker nights leave me with ample opportunity to knit flower corsages to add  a touch of individuality to my winter coat.

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