Christmas Shopping

I’ve not written a post in quite a while as the search for a new job has been rather consuming. Luckily I’ve found a new post starting in January and I’m so excited to get started. After a truly trying year in many ways CC and I are ready to rejoin the human race again !

This year we’re attempting to buy our Christmas presents from British manufacturers only and this has certainly proved a challenge from the high street. However the good old t’internet has saved the day and I’ve been deleighted with the sheer range of items out there which are still made here. Everything we’ve sent for has arrived on time, and has delighted with it’s fantastic quality.

It’s high time our retailers cottoned on to the fact that many of us are no longer content to buy cheaply produced goods with questionable labour practices. I’m going to provide links from this blog to the companies we’ve used this year. The quality and service have been second to none.

Meanwhile, my lovely Grandmother, who is 92, is rather poorly at the moment. I include some beautiful pictures of her.

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