Crossing Over

*                  Despite the short length of our winter days, our walks in the countryside have been wonderful this month, guided by my Mother ( the mountain goat) we hiked accross Bowland, passing some rather unusual crossing points for the river. We were a little suprised at this Ford though (where the road goes through the water). I don’t think I would fancy driving through that with our little car !

*     Another windswept day saw us exploring the coastline near our home and a short walk took us out towards Fluke Hall, an old medieval building in the next village. The views of the bay never fail to lift the spirits and the sight of horses using this ancient highway is always a welcome sight. The Bay has been used as a crossing point for centuries, although it has always been a journey fraught with perils as the tides move quickly and the sands can be tretcherous to those who stray from the channels.

*               Long winter evenings bring a chance to knit and sew and the plumeting temperatures prompted me to make a cover for Gerry and Rupert’s water bottle, to prevent their water from freezing. A little effort whilst listening to the radio, so much nicer than the ones available in the shops. CC and I have also cleared out our utility room, I made a sink skirt to hide all the unsightly bins for the rabbits, I’m rather proud of it !

*       I end with a couple of pictures of Gerry and Ruper enjoying their Christmas dinner. A very Happy New Year to you all.

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