Viable Dreams

*   Walking along the river bank at this time of year is often a rather messy affair, boots sink into the squelchy path and clothing is dotted liberally with muddy spots. Despite the type B conditions( ( seriously squelchy on a scale from A ( over the boot and lower leg) through to G ( dry and dusty)) Saturday found us walking along the Wyre river and admiring the many tiny moorings found here.


*   The boats make an impressive display of ‘make do and mend’ as jetties are fashioned from an impressive assortment of recycled items. Consumer culture is not evident here as people pass the time pleasantly sailing along the river, then returning to enjoy cups of steaming tea and the obligatory biscuit in their self-crafted huts. Milk crates, wooden palates and assorted plastic items are repurposed into bicycle baskets and jetties, little is thrown away and new goods rejected in favour of items costing nothing save the effort in bringing them. These are not the yachts of rich men, enjoyed infrequently and with little pleasure, they are an oft-enjoyed pastime, hard won through diligent labours; summised very aptly with the name of one boat ‘Viable Dreams’.

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