Moments in March

*   Sadly we lost Mr. Rupert last week, our black lop eared rabbit. It seems such a short time since we were collecting the two brothers from the rescue centre and welcoming them to their new home. He will be very much missed by CC and I but especially Mr. Gerry his lovely brother. We have been spending as much time with Mr. Gerry as possible, eating breakfast in the garden and taking tea in the rabbit run.

My lovely boys

*   On a more positive note, CC and I visited the gardens at Sizergh castle and were so inspired by the kitchen gardens there. The snowdrops were a welcome sign that Spring is finally here and we spent a very pleasant hour exploring the vegetable patches and the formal gardens. Although the house is not open yet, the gardens are definitely worth a visit and the sunshine made the trip so very enjoyable.

*    Inspired by this kitchen garden and determined to grow more of our own food this year we made an early start on our little vegetable patch . This year I am declaring war on The Evil Slug! Every year we have tenderly raised our vegetables from seeds in our propagator, carefully transplanting them into the vegetable beds , watering diligently and waiting expectantly. In my naivety I believed that it was only fair to let our garden ‘visitors’ have some share of the garden goodies only to have them behave like the worst guests at a party, gleefully eating their way through every single seedling and leaving only a messy trail and a row of  sad-looking stalks behind. The butterflies have mocked my valiant ‘organic’ efforts by conducting what can only be described as an orgy in my Brassica patch, copulating at every opportunity and leaving us to raise their ravenous offspring on our little rows of carefully cultivated cabbages and broccoli.

*    This year will be different, we have launched a determined offensive with netting, egg shells and ( I’m ashamed to say) organic slug pellets. Every year my parents have dried our tears over our lost vegetables and brandished the tub of pellets, only to have us determinedly refuse and place more beer traps and up our nightly warfare. This time I’ll be taking their advice, the Evil Slug has had his last feast in my garden !

*   As today was Mother’s Day, we made a brunch of buttermilk pancakes, bacon , sausages and eggs for my Mother and walked off the substantial meal through the farms and along the sea shore.

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  1. Painter Lady says:

    I am in awe of your garden…and feel inspired! I only have small box gardens in my backyard…a very small plot…but, I try every year to get a variety of things going. You have made my day! Thanks for visiting my site and my regrets for the loss of your dear pet! May you be richly blessed this Easter season!


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