A Meadow- In Minature

*   The scent of Spring is palpable and thoughts turn to all things green and new. The garden is beginning to awaken pushing hopeful green shoots through the soil, whilst birds chatter excitedly from our neighbour’s Holly. We’ve been entertaining friends from Canada in the last week, such a pleasure to take time to enjoy good food, conversation and visits to interesting places. Illness in one of our party saw us watching the TV during the day time and happening upon Alan Titchmarsh narrating ‘British Isles- A Natural History’. We were inspired by the scenes of the Yorkshire Meadows, which brought back memories of the holidays we spend there every May, we decided to have a go at sowing our own meadow in the back yard.

*   After seeking advice from my Father ( the lawn expert) we were informed that meadow flowers like nothing better than the poorest quality, stony soil and that the soil underneath our very ugly patio slabs would be a perfect medium. Monday saw us pulling up many of the patio slabs to reveal enough rubble to build a second home. Undeterred, we have dug down and combined the stones with some of the spent compost from my vegetable planters and then sown to about twice the density recommended. Fingers crossed, we’ll see how this turns out in the next few weeks.

*   After waving goodbye to our friends, we spent a night in the Lakes near Ullswater. A hike the following day took in breathtaking scenery, including a churchyard strewn with wild daffodils, a stunning rainbow forming over Ullswater adjacent to where the Green Knight’s castle is said to be from the legend of Sir. Gawain and the Green Knight. We rounded off our day by taking tea in a medieval tea room, complete with huge fireplace – marvellous !

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