Jubilee Jaunts

A brief summary of June….

Our tiny meadow is slowly turning our little yard a lush green…

*   Shockingly Awful Jubilee weather, but in true British form we had a picnic on Reeth green during our holiday and enjoyed listening to the band. Blowing a gale and a temperature of 10 C did not deter the picnickers !

*   The cold unseasonable weather gave us a great excuse to use our new cosy fireplace….wonderful!

*   We had a truly lovely holiday in the Dales with my parents. Hi-lights for CC and I included this special church at Bedale, the light from the side altar was simply stunning, I’ve not seen anything like this before as traditionally altars in England tend to be topped by stained glass. The light filtering through the chapel felt other worldly and sacred.

*   The church also had some stunning early medieval frescoes , this one of St. George being particularly striking.

*   As long -time James Herriot fans we also visited the house of Alf Wright ( James Herriot), and we so thrilled with the authentically presented 1930-40s period rooms of the time.

*    During our time in Reeth CC and my family went to a piece of open air theatre set in the grounds of Richmond Castle, part of The Swaledale Arts Festival, the piece included the most fantastic choir and dialogue as well as extraordinary sounds and images projected on to the keep. The experience of being in the castle with hundreds of people all listening through huge headphones was extraordinary. What a treat!

Swaledale Festival - Theatre Richmond Castle

*   Today was Father’s Day , always a great excuse for a pub visit ! Today the weather vastly improved our spirits , the light filtering into our little hall cheered us immensely.

*   After a rather dark and dreary month, today I wrote my post, inspired by the weather.


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