Back To School

*   Sadly our summer has run out already, CC and I went ‘home’ to Canada for most of it and only got back a few days ago. Since this was my last day of holidays we went for a hike in Bowland, eeking out the very last of our hours of freedom ! We’re still several hours behind and sleeping at all the wrong times, despite this we still managed a good walk up Nicky Nook, a picnic on the top, enjoying the 360 degree view, today you could see for at least 50 miles in every direction. We rounded our trip off with a visit to The Apple Store ( not the computer shop), great tea and scones in the characteristically eccentric surroundings of Wyresdale Hall.

*    I finish with some images of our time in Canada.

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  1. Christine says:

    Hope you had a wonderful and relaxing time on your trip – with fond memories of the cottage 8 years ago… Good luck with the start of the new year!


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