A Winter’s Day

Our day began with a stunning view from our B and B’s window. A magical winter landscape shrouded in frost and glistening in the morning sun.

View From Falcon Manor

*   Followed by a full English breakfast and super strong treacley coffee. We were well prepared for a day’s hike. Destination Malham Cove.

Malham Cove

*     The footpath took us from Malham village via the Pennine Way, encompassing National Trust land. Although it was exceptionally cold and the path icy and slippery the scenery more than made up for this.

Steep climb Malham Cove

*   After a very steep climb ( really must get in better shape; I was wheezing like an old locomotive!) we were finally at the top and looking down upon one of the most stunning limestone landscapes. CC had been persuaded to hike with me when I pointed out we would be visiting the location of a recent Harry Potter film.

Limestone Pavement Malham

December 2012 027

Me on stile

*   The path then took us across the limestone and down through National Trust woodland and Janet’s Foss, a beautiful ethereal waterfall plunging into turquoise waters. The sun began to set as we travelled through and the light filtered through the winter trees.

Janet's Foss

Wishing Tree

Winter Light through the woodland at Janet's Foss

*   The sudden freeze overnight made each leaf and blade of grass stand out in sharp relief. What a wonderful day !

Frosted Grass


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