We seem to have enjoyed so many things since my last post that it’s quite difficult to know where to start, CC’s Mother has been staying with us this Christmas so we’ve had a lovely family time with everyone coming for Christmas dinner and the usual pre-dinner ramble. CC has just popped out to get supplies with his mother so I’m taking advantage of having the house to myself and our guest room back ( I’m also playing my gramophone at full whack !)

*   Despite the fact that this Christmas has been wet, rather than snowy we’ve enjoyed our Christmas shopping, mainly in Kirby Lonsdale which looked beautiful with its Christmas lights and festive atmosphere.

Kirby Lonsdale

*   Our archery club celebrated with the usual festive shoot and jovial atmosphere.


Christmas 2012 035

*   CC and I have enjoyed winter walks in our area, one memorable visit to Calder Vale, a small mill village in Bowland. Each little stone terraced was adorned with beautiful wreaths and one visitor was keen to have his photo taken.

Calder Vale Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012 048

*   Our parcels were wrapped in brown paper and made very pretty with lovely festive ribbon. ….

Christmas 2012 054

and we decorated most of our house with tree off-cuts , free from our local farm shop and holly from the garden.

Christmas 2012 056

*   It was quite a challenge to pull ourselves away from the roaring log fire on Christmas morning for our usual appetite sharpening ramble with my family, but well worth the fresh air and views. My family have been rambling together from when we could walk, so it’s lovely to have everybody together for a family ramble.

Christmas 2012 073

Christmas 2012 069

*   Mum baked our Christmas cake and Christmas pudding this year and I enjoyed icing the cake and decorating it ( the fun part )

Christmas 2012 085

*   Boxing Day saw us take a lovely drive into the Yorkshire Dales and we went to visit Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal Water park, truly spiritual and stunning. The National Trust had lit the abbey


and festive carols filled the air. Absolutely beautiful.

Christmas 2012 107

Christmas 2012 106

Christmas 2012 104

Christmas 2012 099

Christmas 2012 121

Christmas 2012 096

Christmas 2012 098

*   It was such a calming and restorative place to be after the liveliness and bustle of Christmas Day. I think we will be venturing back into the Dales very soon.

*   On Thursday this week I accompanied my mother on a walk around Kendal, she has a knack for exploring and showed me some beautiful woods in Kendal, established by the Victorians. They certainly knew how to enjoy themselves with a delightful summer house overlooking Kendal and the hills and even an outdoor dance floor !

Christmas 2012 145

Christmas 2012 156

Christmas 2012 148

Christmas 2012 161

*    There was also evidence of guerilla knitters tagging Kendal – fantastic ! Encompassing lots of local themes including sheep’s heads.

Christmas 2012 130

Christmas 2012 132

Christmas 2012 135

*   I’m not sure I would want my knitting to be outside, I’m still very new to it so each piece is hard won !, these pieces of artwork are so very lovely. Nevertheless it certainly brightened our afternoon.

Christmas 2012 138

*   We passed by Postman Pat’s original Post Office – the place where his author John Cunliffe lived.

*   We have also made another visit to York with CC’s mum, in addition to showing her the delights of The Shambles and York Minster we also spent time in the peaceful and beautiful Holy Trinity Church, hidden away behind Our Lady’s Row. The church has been there since the eleventh century and the traditional family boxes were adorned with greenery and candles. Breathtaking in it’s beautiful simplicity.

Christmas 2012 171

Christmas 2012 170

Christmas 2012 173

*     Is anybody still there ?, A very Happy Christmas to you all. Love The Good Life From A Terraced House. XX

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  1. Christine says:

    Still here! What a lovely read of a lovely holiday! Have fun ringing in the New Year! Guerrilla knitters… awesome!


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