More Camping and Castles

You can tell it’s the summer holiday, so many posts showing visits to campsites and castles!

*   This last week saw us in Northumbria, exploring Hadrian’s Wall, the Roman fort of Houseteads, (nearly 2000 years old), Dunstaburgh and Alnwick Castle ( Hogwarts to all you Harry Potter fans), and staying on the nicest campsite I’ve ever seen. We are definitely joining the Caravan and Camping Club – beautiful surroundings, flowers planted in every conceivable nook and cranny and spotlessly clean facilities.

August 2013 055

Exploring Housesteads…

August 2013 051

The granary with hypocaust to keep the grain dry- a sophisticated system of underfloor heating.

August 2013 061

A Roman en-suite….

August 2013 055

August 2013 093

CC on the path to Dunstaburgh castle.

August 2013 091

Bamburgh castle in Alnwick.

* Whilst in Alnwick we paid a visit to the rather marvellous Barter Books – a second hand book shop inside an old railway station.

August 2013 064

August 2013 063

* As well as taking a tour of the lovely Alnwick castle gardens- including a visit to The Poison Garden- where staff educate the general public about poisonous plants and class A, B and C narcotics !( they have a special licence from the Home Office to grow Opium, Canabis etc)

August 2013 084

August 2013 072

August 2013 075

August 2013 080

The Bamboo Maze.

August 2013 088

The world’s largest tree house – including very wobbly bridges…

August 2013 086

August 2013 106

The view from our tent and breakfast – bliss.

August 2013 109

We ended our trip with an amazing visit to Cragside – home of the famous  Victorian inventor and industrialist- Lord Armstrong. The house was the very first to be lit by electricity; Armstrong devised a system of Hydroelectricity to operate lighting, lifts for his servants, automatic spits for roasting meats and a rather interesting dishwasher.

August 2013 110

August 2013 113

August 2013 118

August 2013 123

August 2013 125

August 2013 129

August 2013 132

August 2013 134

The interiors were designed by William Morris and are a beautiful example of the Arts and Crafts movement.

*    Nearer to home we visited Lancaster Castle – it has finally opened to the public – the Category C prison being closed just this year. After living for many years in Lancaster, it was amazing to be able to go through the gates which have always been closed to the general public. Our friend Trev led the way…

August 2013 001

August 2013 003

August 2013 014

In turn we showed him a new nature reserve my parents had introduced us to ( they always find all of the best places!); set up behind some allotments in the city centre, the land is grazed by some White Park – old English breed cattle.

August 2013 020

* On the home front we love our little sunroom – as you can see Cat has given her approval too…..

August 2013 037

August 2013 038

August 2013 041

August 2013 042

It’s lovely to be able to see the garden and the extra light in the house is wonderful. Nasturtiums doing well, roses picking up, sweet peas abundant and regularly cut for the house, Calva Nero cabbage good – but popular with cabbage whites ! Tomatoes and potatoes doing fairly well.

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  1. Judy & Jason Bentham says:

    Absolutely stunning photos. Quite envious of you two….glad you’re enjoying your glamping…from across the pond, much love, J & J


  2. Trevor says:

    Trevor says: I’ve been overseas for a few years, so it was by serendipity I found my old friends again (at the antiques and collectables warehouse). We arranged a lunch for the Friday at Penny Street Bridge; a trendy renovated hotel bar restaurant in Lancaster. I expected to show my home town to these non-Lancastrian offcomers, but they ended up showing me a new community nature reserve I hadn’t heard about, and took me for afternoon coffee at a great new café: Priory Hall (I’d recommend the cakes and siphon filtered coffee – looks like a laboratory flask and has a clean, clear coffee taste). Through my friends I was able to share the wonder of my home town through a fresh pair of eyes. When you grow up in Lancaster you tend to scurry past the castle and medieval streets without taking much notice… but my friends take Lancaster with enthusiasm, coffee and cakes. Here’s to friendship and vintage collectables! The first of many good days to come!


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