August 2013 010


We couldn’t resist another visit to Northumberland, there were so many places left to see !

Northumberland is an area long associated with attack and the need to defend from raids from the North Sea. During our last visit we saw lots of evidence of these defensive structures, from walking the remains of the Roman Wall begun by Emperor Hadrian in 122AD, to visiting Alnwick Castle and exploring a gun post from the Second World War.


August 2013 076


August 2013 021


August 2013 069


August 2013 015


August 2013 029


August 2013 045


Familiar faces at Alnwick Castle- used for the scenes of Hogwarts in Harry Potter.

August 2013 039


August 2013 049


The castle itself was extremely busy ( and too commercial for us !). However, just outside of the town was Hulne Park, containing the remains of Hulne Abbey, a beautiful windswept place with not another person spied during our 6 mile walk !

August 2013 061


August 2013 059


The abbey ruins were also used ( as well as Alnwick castle) for the film Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves – the abbey grounds being Maid Marion’s house.

August 2013 058


August 2013 054


August 2013 050


Hulne Park was full of deer, pheasant and several hens ( escapees).

I also love to have the chance to cook on my little camping stoves – nothing like eating fresh food in the outdoors…….

August 2013 027


We’re also quite partial to food indoors as well………especially during a return visit to the excellent Barter Books and their rather special cafe in the old station waiting room.

August 2013 066


August 2013 028

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