Is it really the end of September already ? Time has really flown this month; the start of the new term for us means a very busy time, but we’ve found time for some wonderful trips out. Beginning at the start of the month with the family meal and a visit from my brother. We took full advantage of our little local ferry and enjoyed exploring Fleetwood.

September 2013 005

September 2013 004

We had lots of family attending the annual family meal this year, it was lovely to see everybody.

September 2013 035

September 2013 039


We attended Blackpool’s annual ‘Ride The Lights’ event- much better organised this year. This time it actually looked safe enough to cycle ! Might take my bike next year.

September 2013 019


September 2013 013

*   On the home front we’ve been blackberry picking several times – the fruit harvest is bountiful this year. I used the blackberries to make Blackberry and Bramley sauce and blackberry and bramley crisp. CC has been home brewing again – two batches this time- ready for Christmas.

September 2013 033

September 2013 031

September 2013 041

CC blackberry picking.

*    Inspired by Bea Johnson ( ZeroWaste Home) we’ve started Zero Waste shopping ourselves and found it cheaper, less work and tastier ! We’re very lucky to have a great selection of shops in our local village. Most shop keepers have been happy to dispense our goods into glass jars, one lady in the butchers was initially a little confused but really made an effort to accommodate us ! I have also been trying to give Zero Waste gifts – beginning with a jar of chocolate Tiffin for a classroom volunteer.

September 2013 047

September 2013 049

*   For the last two weekends we’ve joined my parents in Embsay to explore the Yorkshire Dales. The first weekend saw us taking a trip on the marvellous Bolton Abbey Steam railway. The trip from Embsay was so relaxing, I really wish we could travel like this more, there is such a charm to the cheery little railway station in it’s bright livery and the solid wood and upholstery of the older carriages.  ! Our government is currently spending Billions on a high speed rail link between the North and South; I can’t help feeling that spending the money on maintaining and improving our current ( very extensive) railway network would improve the lives of so many more ( rather than just a few commuters who can’t afford to live in London). Let’s bring back the local station !

September 2013 069

September 2013 057

September 2013 059

September 2013 061

September 2013 060

September 2013 071

*   Our little train took us to Bolton Abbey to explore.

September 2013 073

September 2013 075

September 2013 076

September 2013 081


*   This weekend saw us walking around Embsay, an interesting tour of old and modern combined. A reservoir and evidence of much earlier engineering. A stunning stone porch on a house dated 1688.

September 2013 092


*   And finally to Skipton to enjoy the carnival atmosphere next to the canal; their puppet festival. Followed by a ride on an old Route Master double Decker to Yarndale. ( more evidence in the town of Guerilla knitting)

September 2013 097


September 2013 109

September 2013 112

September 2013 111


*   Finally a walk through Skipton’s Castle Woodland. Just beautiful in the sunshine.

September 2013 105


September 2013 108

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