A Quick Update

Enjoyed beautiful walks along our shore line.

Christmas 2013 037

Managed to do a Zero Waste Christmas shop, thanks to the very lovely shop keepers of Knott End who are always happy to fill our little jars for us. It’s so much nicer than shopping in a supermarket.

Christmas 2013 034

Christmas 2013 032

Christmas 2013 030

Christmas 2013 028

Christmas 2013 027

As always CC helped to carry most of it home, I’ve suggested a trolley on wheels but he laughed and said not for another 30 years……

Christmas 2013 038

We made chocolate truffles and marzipan fruits for Christmas presents and put them in the every lovely Kilner jars.

Christmas 2013 045

Christmas 2013 050

Christmas 2013 053


We really enjoyed Christmas Day, a walk with Mum followed by present opening and a huge meal !

Christmas 2013 058


Christmas 2013 054


Christmas 2013 063


Christmas 2013 066



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