During our Easter holiday CC and I went to stay in a beautiful converted barn in Cornwall. Cornwall’s stunning coastline, beaches and gardens made for a wonderful holiday and the steep coastal paths ensured great walking.

Cornwall 2014 163

The Eden project took our breath away- a converted china clay quarry transformed into a beautiful eco-project.

Cornwall 2014 182

Cornwall 2014 180

Cornwall 2014 030

Cornwall 2014 009

The bio-domes contained a Mediterranean landscape and a rainforest – as well as landscaped gardens surrounding the domes – created by terracing the steep sides of this disused quarry. The most impressive thing though was the overwhelmingly positive environmental message of regeneration.

Cornwall 2014 032


This sculpture is called WEEE man – made from the amount of Waste Electical and Electronic products the average UK citizen throws away in their lifetime. A stunning visual motivator !

Cornwall 2014 013

Other educational displays included this display about the greenhouse effect – in a greenhouse.

Cornwall 2014 197

Even the cafe was Zero Waste – and the food delicious .

Cornwall 2014 199

As fans of Doc Martin we also had to go and see ‘Port Wenn’ – in real life Port Issac.

Cornwall 2014 100

Cornwall 2014 099

Cornwall 2014 106

Cornwall 2014 110

Cornwall 2014 108

Cornwall 2014 114


Other hi-lights included The Lost Gardens Of Heligan – amazing gardens from a long lost estate – reclaimed and restored.

Cornwall 2014 091

….and Stonehenge

Cornwall 2014 006



… well as seeing Tintagel – said to be the birthplace of King Arthur.

Cornwall 2014 145

Cornwall 2014 178

Cornwall 2014 068

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  1. Christine says:

    What a lovely adventure! I’m very envious of what looked to be lovely long walks, quaint settings that catch at the edge of one’s vision and inspirational examples of people and organizations putting their beliefs into real life (cool quarry makeover!) Wish we can follow your footsteps there one day!


    1. Thanks ! I can highly recommend it . XX


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