Postcards From The Weekend

Is there anything nicer than a long walk in the sunshine? CC and I enjoyed exploring Claife Heights- land in the Lake District owned by the National Trust. The views of Lake Windermere spectacular  – but the tarns in the quieter areas of our walk were beautiful, buzzing with dragonflies and damselflies.

31st Aug 2014 043


* We looked very carefully for Peter Rabbit in the garden of Beatrix Potter; sadly no rabbits but lots of delicious looking vegetables including some fabulous pumpkins- I am definitely going to have a go at growing these next year.

31st Aug 2014 049

31st Aug 2014 052

31st Aug 2014 045

31st Aug 2014 038

*   A quick visit for some tea at The Tower Bank Arms.

31st Aug 2014 046


*   Waiting for the ferry and a flask of coffee enjoyed.

31st Aug 2014 056

After a delightful meander down our lanes we picked enough blackberries to make jam.

31st Aug 2014 001

*    Lastly a wonderful evening at the proms – Proms At Parrox – just across the road at Parrox Hall. Picnic, lots of friends and wine – perfect!

31st Aug 2014 027

31st Aug 2014 033

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  1. Thorny17 says:

    Of the places I miss from the UK the lakes is right up there maybe number one, had many holidays there over the years and some wonderful memories, last ever holiday with my Dad, learned to kayak, climb, walked first really challenging hills and first ever 3 week cycle tour Slough to the lakes and back taking in all the passes on the way round, oh run out of time and came back from Ripon on the train but I was only 16 🙂 Have pictures of my boy’s feeding baby lambs on our holiday in our £500, 15th hand caravan so much fun we had, always said that the lakes was good for my soul. looks like you had a fab time


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