We’ve been thinking a lot about ‘real’ food at home this month. According to The Guardian, food made in factories from ingredients and additives which would have not been recognised by our great-grandmothers now makes up over half of the UK diet. Known as ‘ultra processed foods’, these often consist of high salt and sugar snacks, cereals and industrially-made baked goods. Time-pushed families are relying on pre-packaged foods to deliver a meal quickly and conveniently to the table.

At the terracedhouse we try to eat real food- borrowing from Michael Pollan’s three simple rules.

Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

I would also like to venture another three…

Bake bread…two ways


by hand…


in a bread maker-this cuts the sugar considerably as commercially-made bread has on average half a teaspoon of sugar per slice. Bread made at home has one teaspoon per loaf!


Eat together…picnic often, in all weathers!



Cut out the sugar; after reading recently that this is the primary cause of obesity and other metabolic diseases, as well as increasing the likelihood of developing cancer or increasing the size of tumours in cancer patients, we have dialled back significantly on the white stuff. Results so far have included noticeably more energy, weight loss and clearer skin…

FedUp 2014

Food Inc

For fuss-free,family friendly meals Annabel Karmel is simply brilliant

Bon Appetit !

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  1. Christine Olsen says:

    What a lovely reminder to bring our food back to the basics (and include more veggies!). Our bread machine (and the overnight timer we set it on) is our life saver most mornings. Thanks for sharing your ideas and recommended sites. Happy making!
    The Olsen Family


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