The most (Zero Waste) friendly place in Lancashire?

There was a time when shopping for groceries meant a rush around the supermarket, a hefty bill and a whole load of waste. Living in Knott End slowly changed that for us. On Saturday morning we load our Zero Waste kit into a backpack and walk fifteen minutes along the sea wall into the village. Our experience is a world away from our supermarket days.


Despite its diminutive size, Knott End punches well above its weight for the range and number of independently-owned shops and many of these are Zero Waste friendly.

Shoreway Fisheries

Shoreway Fisheries stocks a huge range of fish and seafood, the vast majority package free. Jamie is always happy to fill reusable containers.



The Hindquarter

The Hindquarter boasts an enormous selection of meat and cooked meats sourced from Lancashire farms, as well as ready-meals made in-house. They are always happy to fill our containers.


Mr Greens Good Fruit and Veg Company

Its worth a visit to this gorgeous shop for the displays alone. Run by two of the loveliest ladies, Jo and Sally, they stock a vast selection of loose fruit and veg, as well as a good selection of Suma goods, locally sourced flours and free-range local eggs. Mr Greens can also make gift baskets and vegetable boxes which are plastic free. ( ideas for mother’s day ??)

As of this year ( updated February 2020) they now stock a full range of Suma bars, including their shampoo and facial cleansing bars. They have also recently extended their range to include shampoo and conditioner bars from other brands.




The Cottage Loaf

This tempting bakery stocks an enormous selection of home-made breads, pastries and cakes- most of which are package free. (paper bags are available for those who have forgotten their cloth bags )


RSPCA Charity Shop

Undoubtedly the ‘social-hub’ of the village. An Aladdin’s cave of delights awaits the intrepid pre-loved shopper. This friendly shop stocks a HUGE variety of goods- electrical, clothing, toys, books and much more.


The Pet Shop

For the animal lovers the Pet Shop sells a wide range of pet food in bulk.

Borrow books, CDs and DVDs from the lovely Knott End library- definitely no waste here.


And lastly, once a month I run a Children’s Clothing Library- a non-profit event which aims to reduce clothes waste, reduce the carbon emissions produced when new clothes are made and support local families.

Further Afield…

At the Terraced House we are lucky to have a milkman who can deliver milk, orange juice and cream in glass, as well as local eggs, cheese, butter and biscuits.

We also have an organic vegetable bag- all sourced from a local organic farm in Pilling.

The best parts about shopping in Knott End ? The conversations with shop keepers who are always willing to chat, being out in the fresh air, saving money ( at least 40% compared with our old supermarket shopping) , free child-friendly entertainment and lessons in life, a wonderful local cafe to stop in for a coffee and supporting our local economy.

…lastly not having to take out the rubbish!

For more about the Zero Waste lifestyle…

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Liz Goostry says:

    Fantastic article


  2. LovelyLu says:

    I learnt so much during Plastic Free July last year. I can shop in my local town zero waste too 🙂


  3. MrsDoolittle says:

    What a lovely read, so refreshing to hear of someone so content with life and in love with the place you live.


  4. People have so much available to them in smaller towns, they just have to open their eyes to what is available locally and second hand!


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