The Four C’s of Happiness

Over the last few months we’ve been making a conscious attempt to limit our social media; de-registering from Facebook, making plans with friends for real life social activities and limiting our own screen time. There’s no doubt that social media has had positive outcomes over the last decade but I find that I feel depressed after using it and it takes up far too much time.

When we take the time to connect in person it makes us feel far happier and gives us a positive frame of mind.



Dr. Robert Lustig confirms this in his latest book ‘The Hacking Of The American Mind’, although the case studies are largely from the USA, they could easily have been written about the UK.

‘The New York Times–bestselling author of Fat Chance reveals the corporate scheme to sell pleasure, driving the international epidemic of addiction, depression, and chronic disease.

“If you’re told by every TV commercial and everybody you know that you’re unhappy, to ‘buy this and you’ll be happy,’ you start to believe them. But it doesn’t make you happy; it actually makes you unhappy. It works for industry because it gets you to buy more, but it doesn’t work for us.”

While researching the toxic and addictive properties of sugar for his New York Times bestseller Fat Chance, Robert Lustig made an alarming discovery—our pursuit of happiness is being subverted by a culture of addiction and depression from which we may never recover.’



It is a fascinating read which offers hope in the form of 4 C’s; Community, Cope, Contribute and Cook

At the terraced house we’ve been experimenting with trying to increase our 4 C’s, the verdict so far ? Feeling great!

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