In the last week the wind has battered the little terraced house and we have felt such gratitude for its solid old walls and sturdy exterior. We are but a few hundred metres from the coast and our exposed position means that the wind literally howls when it hits the house- a truly eerie sound in the middle of a dark night !

February marks the beginning of the gradual signs of Spring; the delicate snowdrops have emerged and now the daffodils begin their slow push upwards through the earth, hesitatingly, as though they feel the cold. As the days begin to lengthen, we too feel the stirrings of finding our way back from the cold and dark winter.

Time spent outdoors encourages us to reflect on how we can grow personally – how we can spend more time supporting our community, our family and our planet. This last month I have met so many wonderful and inspirational people who are following their passions and making such a difference to the places they live through their dedication to reducing waste, promoting cleaner environments and growing sustainable business. I believe that this should be the true definition of growth- growing connections which strengthen family and community bonds and reducing the need for consumption.

This year I began a clothing library for children with the idea of vastly reducing the wasted resources each family generates when we buy new clothes for our children. I would like to grow this idea and work with others to promote community sharing of resources, reducing our need for ‘stuff‘. Far too many of the things we buy and own are toxic, expensive to store and are costly to our planet. I believe that the way forward is to build a society based on the sharing of high quality resources, which are built to last, and the promotion of sharing and community.

Meanwhile, closer to home , we watch as our children grow and learn new skills and delight in their growth together.

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  1. Arc Inspired says:

    What a wonderful idea, the clothing library. Is it established as a not-for-profit, and how are you funded?


    1. Hello, I have received a small grant for boxes from the Methodist Church and we also support it.

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