A few lovely things in March

This post has taken me so very long to get around to writing, it seems wrong to celebrate enjoyment of the countryside where we live and our garden when there are so very many families struggling to adapt to staying indoors in small apartments, in large urban areas. Like many families around the world, we are trying to make the best of what we have and enjoy our time together. We are trying very hard to enjoy the moments we are in and not dwell too much on the risks to family members and the suffering and fear which is so rife in the UK at the moment.

Keeping little ones entertained with role play areas…

Getting out for a walk every day and enjoying the footpaths near to home…

A family day out prior to lockdown…

A day spent sorting the summer clothes for the March opening of the clothing library…

The clothing library in March, all ready for our open day…

For now there are many things, such as the clothing library, which will have to be put away and saved for later. There are many faces which we will not see for quite a while and many who will be so very missed.We will leave those things, and feelings, exactly where we have left them and hope that they will be able to restart in happier times. In the meanwhile, we will celebrate what we have and enjoy our precious moments together.

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