When you can’t/won’t buy new; Upcycling- a mud kitchen

Necessity is the mother of invention


I’ve been on the lookout for a suitable lot of wood for making a mud kitchen for the boys to play with. I had been hoping to come upon a spare pallet or find something fitting in the wood pile. Alas, there really hasn’t been anything which would fit the bill and I had been considering buying a new one for them. However, as a passionate planet lover I find it really hard to buy new things as I am only too aware of the cost to the environment in materials and energy. For those of you who are interested, The Story Of Stuff provides inspiration for how we can help by buying less…

After retiring our trusty kitchen table for a larger, more functional model ( which we bought vintage- naturally) we were inspired to use this instead. It was far too wonky to be used again and I never pass on anything ( even for free) which I know would be a disappointment. Thanks to some great woodwork from CC, the table has been shortened, hot pads added and a basin inlaid. We also found an old garden tap which was put into the kitchen and attached a hose fitting on the back which means that we can supply running water when it is required. It’s also had a good seal put on it which hopefully will see it through a few playtimes.

I’ve found lots of utensils from our kitchen and a saucepan and steamer set we found by the curb on one of our daily walks ( unbelievably new in the box) and I look forward to when the charity shops can safely reopen and I can stock this further with some real objects to explore! – so much nicer to handle than the plastic replicas and so much kinder to our world.

Unlike our residences when we lived in Canada, British homes usually don’t come with fly screens and we seem to attract many bees into our laundry room when we leave the door open. Using some of the contents of my ribbon and button jars, I spent a pleasant half hour making a homespun fly curtain with son number 1, which has so far proved very effective.

Has the lockdown inspired any innovations or new playthings in your home ? Please feel free to share – I love it when I hear from you.

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