Zero Waste

At the good life from a terraced house we try to be ‘Zero Waste’. For us this means:

*Refusing to buy items packaged in non-recyclable packaging

*Reducing the amount of items which have any packaging – recyclable or otherwise

* Shopping for dry good such as oats, flour and dried fruit at a co-op which sells these loose( the fantastic Single Step in Lancaster)

* Shopping for meat, cheese and fish using glass re-usable containers

* Growing as much fruit and veg as we can and shopping for the rest using mesh re-usable bags.

*Buying bread from our bakers and putting it in cloth bags ( or a pillowcase) to transport home. 

*Giving gifts which are either not packaged or we have made ourselves and only using brown paper to wrap

September 2013 047

We are very lucky to have fantastic local shops which are happy to sell us produce loose or place items straight into our containers ( usually Kilner Jars)

My kind friend Alison has recently crocheted some re-usable cotton rounds for me. Simply use in place of cotton rounds and wash in the machine .

Feb 2014 002


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  1. sorchjayne says:

    Brilliant ideas there, I love the cotton rounds. Do you think she’d share the pattern, or at least let us know what material she used to crochet them with?


    1. Thank you for your lovely comment. I will post the pattern on-line shortly. We used Debbie Bliss Organic Baby.


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